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Sometimes Things Are Not What They Seem.

Here's a little story that shows that things are not always as they outwardly appear. 
This situation arose recently while I was teaching an aikido class. I was generally keeping an eye on the room while I conferred with my co-instructor. I noticed Andy and Raul were looking towards me, not practicing. I walked over. "What's up?"
Andy: "We're having some trouble with the shomenuchi attack." (Shomenuchi is a strike to the top of the head, based on a traditional sword strike.)
Me: "What do you mean? You don't know how to attack shomenuchi?" 
Andy:  "Apparently not..."
Suddenly I realized:  Andy wears a white belt; he has practiced regularly for several years, but in another style of aikido. Raul is a blue belt who was wearing street clothes because he had just returned after a year away and didn't have his uniform. Each one thought the other was the beginner. Each one was asserting his point of view as correct.
After a little explana…