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The Stories We Tell...

The stories we tell ourselves about events in our lives profoundly affect our relationships. Consider these two remarks overheard by a mother and her son:
Son: "I spent an entire day on the telephone with airlines rebooking a flight so my mother could get home in time for a New Years Eve party."
Mother: "I was able to get an earlier flight, but I had to pay more money."

When the dog bites...

Julie Andrews' recipe for difficult times is to think of her favorite things. You may prefer to listen to Coltrane's version of the tune. But the most powerful way to alter your mood when you're anxious, frantic, worried, sleepless, angry or generally out of control is to alter your breathing. The next time you want to improve your mood, try slowing your breathing down, making your inhalations and exhalations as long and complete as you can without strain for, say, ten minutes. This simple alteration of your body, that you control, can change your mind. Its simple, free, and can be done by just about anyone, just about anywhere!