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What to Look for in a Teacher

I recently read an article called something like, "10 Reasons to Avoid a Yoga or Pilates Teacher." In it the author described various "no-nos" that supposedly should make you think twice about training with someone. Since this is not intended as a critique of the article, I'm not going to link to it.) In reading the article I had two reactions. 

The first is that even the most fantastic teachers will admit to having committed every grievous teaching error in the book at some point. Beginning teachers in particular are unlikely to know a lot about anatomy, may rely on language that they don't really think about that has been passed down from their teachers, may turn their backs on students, or don't always have the answer as to why you are doing a particular movement. But they may still be great teachers. So a list of "teaching mistakes" doesn't seem to be sufficient reason to avoid a teacher.

What I look for most in a teacher is compassion. …